"This method ensures the quick, efficient and secure elaboration of emotional states, offering thus a viable solution to one of the major problems of the actor's art and the creative process."


Assoc. Prof.Dr. habil. Bács Miklós, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania



The Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM)


PEM is an innovative acting method based on a bio-energetic process.

PEM provides performers with a direct, effortless and guidable access

to authentic emotions - independent from personal experiences or memories.

PEM´s organic and fast approach grants security, flexibilty and relability in

the professional carrers of actors, singers, dancers and other performers.

PEM works with an unheard-of simplicity and effectivness in creating

emotional depth and expressiveness.





"You have found a way to open the door for the expansion of emotions. It is a technique very different from the others. The expansion an actor will experience is priceless."


Nikkolas Rey, Principal of the casting agency Alvarado Rey Agency, Los Angeles